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Lazada Malaysia

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Music is everywhere

Music is everywhere. We can hear them when we are conscious or unconscious. We can enjoy them when we are sitting at the beach and looking at the water and sky. We can also enjoy them in a bar or for some reasons people enjoy music from construction sites. What I can here is, music is a part of our life. We live with them since we do not have a human form. I mean since we can move in our mother's womb. 

Everything that we can hear is a music. Our footsteps, the wind sounds or a silent. Everything is a music. So, we cannot run from a music. There is music in a vacuum where there is no sound and no air. The music is just as a tool to meditate. The music can make we fly in the air without restrictions. 

Sometimes we feel music are bad. We try to close our ears with our hands when we hear noises. We also try to close our ears when some people talk too many uninteresting things to us. So, sometimes music are bad. They can make us angry. They can make we lost our hearing ability. They also can make we faint. 


What we can do is, ignoring the bad music. Stay with our lovely music that we will always hear. The music that we will always enjoy even though some people will not agree with us. Ya. Some people do not hear punk, jazz or any kind of music. We are different. 

Music is a lullaby. Music is motivators. Music is anything. 

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